Sheets of newspaper, inkjet print, wood and clay


Atlas expresses the memory’s ability to store, recover and rework the imaginative universe of which one has experienced over the years. While the archive was made up of newspaper photos collected during various time periods, it takes on a new life and form in conjunction with the works of art. Together, they combine to show the strength of mind associated with a unique and subtly connected, imagery. The repository, created from the pages of archived newspapers in combination with those of the mind, interact with each other. This results in an intersection composed of a junction and clashing acquired over various periods of time. Ideally, the sculpture connects all of the images. As a result, this suggests the movement and elicits the transit of fantasy which draw from the archive of the mind, fostering the association. Through rigorous, clear and straightforward exposure, the sculpture becomes the bearer of a weak tension between universes, both magical and unexpected.