The Borellow (or the shooing boredom machine)

Different materials (wooden box, user manual, steel rods and hooks, nut, triangle, blackboard, bicycle bell with chalk, sock), 40x30x13cm


Provided of an useful user manual, this Kit has been conceived in order to build up, assembling the various pieces, a genuine useless machine. It is able to shoo the boredom that could take over everyone life, battening down the hatches and engaging in totally vain and wasting time activities. Hence, you will be able to write on a blackboard with a bicycle bell covered in chalk, to play a triangle to listen to some music or to place the bell (that must be worn as a noble ring) inside the sock in case one has the desire to fill the void. The whole thing with great caution to prevent the objects from falling of the rod.
Wrapped in a wide sphere of irony, this work reflects upon our contemporary life, where we are continuously request to be active and present everywhere.