On October twenty-two, nineteen o-eight, he was sixty-four years old and riding horses while standing on the two wheeled chariot

Artist book


The long title is a quotation from a scientific research booklet dated 1908, found in an old antiques fair. This curious volume revealed the case of a man who, while leading the horses on a chariot, fell to the ground fracturing his femur. I worked on the concept of fracture, ancient and intimate. Uncertainty surrounds the entire work and his insecurity is a metaphor for that ruined bone. I envisioned the project as a great poem of images that flow now autonomous, skim the situations evoked by the text and then away from them again. The entire project ambiance refers to something ancient and timeless. A place and time where a rock, a vase, or an attempt to solve a puzzle, is photographed in the shadows. There seem to be no certainties in the texts. However, despite everything, their approach to the images return a dense atmosphere of questions. Typical curiosity seems not to know how to respond to these. The October twenty-two nineteen o-eight, perhaps is not just a date, but a state of mind.