Series of 14 photographs


Septaria was created as a result of inspiration from the purchase of a pseudofossil (the stone portrayed in the series). It was inadvertently sold to me as an authentic fossil. After a great amount of research, as well as consultations, I made an astonishing discovery. The branching displayed on the surface of the stone is not actually an authentic plant with a small leaf. Instead, it is the result of various chemical processes which are of a natural occurrence in certain types of stones.
The Septaria are not the equivalent of a specific mineral series, but are more similar to a structure which are comprised of many of them. In this way, the images morph into soluble elements. This transforms their essence, revealing arbitrary connections into a divergent, distinct and remote narrative. Septaria, are essentially portraits which direct one's attention towards a fragile horizon, betrayed by their hieratic solemnity. This solemnity in turn finds peace, reminiscent of the colors of an ancient temple.
This project was conceived as an attempt to sculpt portraits by using lighting which creates an atmosphere as similar as possible to the characteristics of Septaria. This special creation of nature in a stone divulges endless fantastic tales, due to its whimsical images.