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Something keeps me awake at night


I like to think about this publication as a shelter that houses the latest developments of my practice.


Since 2020, I have been producing works inspired by the archaeological notion of the social biography of objects. That is, how objects’ meanings can change and are renegotiated throughout history depending on the social interactions that they become entangled in. In this sense, objects are constantly transformed over time and they accumulate biographies as they repeatedly shift between ownerships and places.


What happens when an object then lands in a museum? How does it react to being seated, still and catalogued? How much does it get informed by those who write the history?


By employing photography, sculpture and collage, I combined materials from the past with materials from the present in order to see what could emerge. Like archaeologists, I dug into the photographic prints to find new visual possibilities and narravites, constantly working with layers.

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Paper stock: X-Per White 140 gsm
Cover: X-Per White 250 gsm with silver lamination
Binding: Sewn bound with blue thread
Edition: 30 (signed)
27 x 20 cm
40 pages

Self-published, 2021
Curated by Luca Panaro

Digital printing by Faservice, Italy.

Winner of Dummy PhotoBook Prize, Palazzo Rasponi 2, Ravenna, Italy
Supported by the city of Ravenna, Italy